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Aimée Henny Brown

Aimée Henny Brown, an artist and educator of settler ancestry, completed her BFA at the University of Alberta and obtained her Masters in Fine and Media Arts at NSCAD University in 2007. Aimée’s artistic practice engages archives, research and printed matter to question historical content within her contemporary art practice. She has received several awards and grants, notably the Joseph Beuys Scholarship for Artistic Merit and several Canada Council Production Grants. Her collages, drawings, performances and bookworks have been presented nationally and internationally, with group shows in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Kentucky, Japan, Germany, Scotland, and Portugal, and exhibits regularly in Canada. She has attended numerous artist residencies with galleries, artist-run centres and universities in North America and abroad. She is an Assistant Professor: foundations, 3D and extended media, with the University of the Fraser Valley.

"As a transdisciplinary project-based artist, I activate printed matter and objects in flat, spatial, and time sensitive manners.  Archives, found items, historical documents, and photo-based media are investigated through the practice and methodology of repair, reuse and collage.  This approach encourages a transitional space where functional objects and reclaimed materials shift from their initial purpose and intended capacity.  The new configurations address the history and possible futures of these things as tangible elements in a virtual era.  One of the fundamental questions of my practice lies between discussions of the everyday and the spectacular: “How will we survive the present and what could coming times look like?”

I often choose collage as an anticolonial way of making so that I can challenge recorded histories and re-envision known material.  At once wistful and futuristic, my work proposes neo-scapes and new worlds.  These composite sites, constructed from recognizable elements, become immersive, unfamiliar prospects, new ruins and possible futures."

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