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Do you have studios available to rent right now?

All of our available spaces are currently booked. To be added to our waitlist, please email studio [at] and include a brief description of your practice, a link to your website or sample of your work, and the approximate square footage you are interested in. 


How many studios do you have?

We have four studios with sizes that range from 1,400 to 2,400 square feet (please see map below). Our studio are communal unless (and given availability) you or your group can rent a full studio.


What if I want a private studio (four walls and a door)?

We may not be able to accommodate you at this time. Due to the configuration of the building, our goal is to create larger spaces that are shared between a group of people who engage in similar practices.


Will I be expected to share my tools and/or equipment? 

No. Your space will be demarcated and it will be expected that your studio mates respect your property and equipment. 


Can I build shelves or create storage space inside the studios?

Yes, you can do alterations in your square footage in order to serve your needs.This may include building shelves for storage (i.e. art supplies) or creating locked storage space (i.e. for your tools). Alterations should be approved by the studio manager in order to make sure that they're safe and not damaging the structure.


What is the monthly rent for a studio at The Arts Factory?

Monthly rent is calculated at a rate of $1.90/sq ft. Please also take into consideration 5% GST and a required $15/month per person for third-party liabiliy insurance.


What is the insurance required?

Everyone that rents a space at the Arts Factory is required to have third-party liability insurance. This is not a standar renters insurance and does not cover property theft, it is simple third-party liability as required by the City of Vancouver. We offer this type of insurance for $15/month per artist. You don't have to pay for this if you have your own policy and name the Arts Factory and the City of Vancouver in it.


What does my rent cover?

Your studio space, hydro and electricity, wireless internet and have access to common areas like a kitchen, a spray booth and bathrooms/showers. Studio tenants will also have access, for an additional fee, to meeting rooms and pay-per-use print and copy services in our office level.


Is there access to water inside the studios?

There is no access to water inside the individual studios. We have a common sink area located in the hallway between studios A, B and C (please see map below).


Will I be expected to work on Arts Factory facilities?

You will be expected to clean up after yourself whenever you use the common areas, and to maintain your studio in a safe and professional manner.  You will not be responsible for maintenance of the Arts Factory facility. Your rental rate includes operating expenses, all building management decisions are made by Arts Factory personnel.


Will I have access to the Scene Shop?

You can hire the Great Northern Way Scene Shop to fabricate pieces or projects for you. Some facilities will be available to book at an addtional cost, such as a forklift, truck or driver. Studio tenants do not have access to the GNW's facilities or tools.


Will I have any limits to my access of the building and/or times of work?

No. You will have 24/7 access to the building and your studio. Exceptions would be any maintenance on the building that may impact your studio space (ie: electrical or plumbing) temporarily.


Is there parking on-site?

There is a limited amount of street parking only. There is public transit on Main; and the Main Street/Science World Skytrain Station is 2 blocks away at Main and Terminal.

Any restriction on noise, fumes, access, etc?
No restrictions - Tenants have 24/7 access to the building and there's a spray booth available for fumes. We are in an industrial space so we do expect there will be noise. Some studio will be louder than others but noise travels across the building. The GNW Scene Shop (on the east side of The Arts Factory) usually operates Monday-Friday from 9-5.
What is the lighting situation like?
The Arts Factory will provide aerial lighting and studio tenants can bring in any extra lighting they need. Tenants will have access to two 15 amp plugs. If you have special power requirements, please notify studio manager.
Are visitors allowed?
Yes, visitors are allowed as long as they're accompanied by a tenant. For security purposes, access is restricted to outsiders unless they're brought in by a tenant or supervised by Arts Factory staff.




Got a question we didn't cover? 

Feel free to email us at studio (a)


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