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Artist Studios



The Arts Factory has large communal studios. We do not have individual, closed-off spaces. While artists are allowed to modify the space to some degree to suit their needs, the idea is to have open communal studios.

Our space is primarily geared for artists working with industrial based fabrication processes. We do not have studio spaces suitable for rehearsals or performances.

Arts Factory Artists

Aimée Henny Brown Collage, Installation and Performance Art
Andrea Hooge Etchings, paintings, magnets and clothing
Chantal Cardinal Textiles
Eric Neighbour Painting and Gardening
Ian Greenwood Leatherwork
IRL Creative Design and fabrication
Karen Yurkovich Painting
Kat McPhee Mixed Media painting and prints
Kemo Schedlosky Textiles
Laleh Javaheri Textiles
Marion Landry Painting
Marlene Yuen Printmaker, book making
Megan Majewski Painting
Sandeep Johal Painting and Murals
Sára Molčan Figurative Painting
Sherri Rogers Digital animation and painting
Tristesse Seeliger Painting
Vanessa Lam Mixed Media Painting

Rates & Amenities

The rate for a studio space available on request.

This rate includes your monthly space rental, utilities, wireless internet and access to a variety of shared amenities like a spray booth, sinks, kitchen and bathrooms/shower. For an additional fee, artists have access to meeting rooms, desks and print and copy services in our office level.

Registering for the waitlist

Please send an email to studio(at) with your name, phone number, email address and a very brief description of your artwork to join the waitlist. 

Contact us: studio (a)