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Sára Molčan

Sára Molčan is a Canadian artist who captures notions of universal desire in her large-scale figurative paintings. Unequivocally millennial, Molčan’s work addresses the careful curation of personas, our imperfect existence, and the ambivalence towards romantic partners in the digital era.

Reflecting the development of social media’s penetration of our daily existence while confronting our culture of comparison, Molčan’s larger-than-life selfies examine society’s sense of insecurity and our culture’s desire to seek meaning from the meaningless. Her paintings are a calculated and critical performance of self, dictated through the ever-present yearning for likes and comments to fill the emotional void. Molčan’s work has been featured on the Daily Mail, Vancouver is Awesome, the BBC, The Today Show, Huffington Post, and New York Magazine, among others. Combining her analog paintings with AR digital manipulations, her paintings have been the subject of solo and group exhibitions throughout Vancouver. Molčan holds a BA from Vancouver Island University and a BFA from Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

She currently lives and works in Vancouver, Canada

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