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Tristesse Seeliger

Tristesse Seeliger is a Vancouver artist working in mixed media using painting and collage. In 2017 Tristesse completed a large-scale mural for the Vancouver Mural Festival and collaborated on a film for Westbank Corporation which is a part of their exhibition, The Fight For Beauty. Tristesse is featured in Wired Magazine UK January 2018 issue, The Internet is Broken. Her work has also been featured in SAD Magazine, Scout Magazine, VancouverIsAwesome and Inside Vancouver as well as art blogs For Example, The Happy Jotter and Design is Kinky. Tristesse has collaborated with Lululemon on window design and her work has shown in different cities in North America. The science of cartography is dismantled and reassembled, using geometry, into new territories creating opportunities to explore the poetry in the data. By juxtaposing the hard edges of the tiles with the organic markings of the maps the work invites a deeper study of the networks that connect us. Logic meets chance allowing us to study, understand, and feel the infinite.

More recently Tristesse has begun to work with the shapes as separate panel color-fields, using the relationship between the shapes to create the illusion of three dimensionalities. These are painted acrylic works that are a celebration of color and form allowing the audience to interact with the work by assembling the pieces in any way they desire.

Tristesse Seeliger has been an art teacher for 20 years with the Vancouver School Board, is a graduate of Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

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