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Marlene Yuen

Marlene Yuen is a storyteller; she creates comics, prints and book to convey stories. She weaves text and imagery to create sequential art. She finds inspiration from graphic design, children picture books, patterns, vintage hand bills and posters. After years of making one of a kind books, she rediscovered printmaking as being an essential part of her practice. The ability to print multiples allows for further sharing and passing on of stories. 

Marlene Yuen is a Vancouver-based artist who received her bachelor’s of studio arts in 1998 from the University of British Columbia. Yuen has exhibited at galleries, artist-run centres, and cultural events in Canada, the United Sates, the United Kingdom, Belgium and Japan. Although she is a multidisciplinary artist, her current focus is on handmade books; her artist books have been retained in special collections nationally and internationally. In 2021, her book, Ho Sun Hing Printers, received an honourable mention at the City of Vancouver Book Awards. Most recently Yuen completed the mural, “The Journeys Here” for the new Chinese Canadian Museum, Vancouver. 

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